How long does it take to fill my order?

Orders are usually filled within 72 hours. However if you choose to expedite (faster delivery) then you will receive your order within 48 hours!

I placed an order, what do I do now?

If you placed an order, you will have an email sent to you stating your order number. Be sure to respond to that email to confirm your order! 

Do I need to turn off my Console (PS4/XBOX) after I place my order?

For the next 24 hours you can continue to play. After that be sure to stay off your account. You will usually receive an email from us stating when we are about to fill your order. You cannot be on your account while we fill your order because it will cause us to be signed out. If you sign us out while we are working, this could cause a big portion of the money that was put onto your account to be lost. Please refrain from doing that because this will result in your order taking much longer to be filled and further delaying other people’s orders.

How does it work?

If you are asking how we put the money onto your account then, please understand that we cannot tell you exactly how the money is put onto your account. If we told you we would not have a business!

If you are asking where the money will be then, the money will be in your GTA 5 MAZE bank account. You will see it there when you log back into your account.

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